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Associate Professor
University of Connecticut
School of Social Work
Puerto Rican and Latino Studies Project
Chair, Research Curriculum Unit

335 SSWB, 1798 Asylum Avenue,
West Hartford, CT 06117-2698

p (860) 570-9176

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Membership Category:
Research Scientists

Member Since: 2006


Cristina Wilson, Ph.D.

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Ph.D. University at Albany
M.S.W. University of Michigan
B.A. Fairfield University

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Mogro-Wilson, C.  Reeves, M.G.*, & Charter, M.L.*.  Applying sociocultural theory to teaching statistics for doctoral social work students.  Paper in press at Journal of Teaching in Social Work, June 2013.

Mogro-Wilson, C., Letendre, J., Toi, H.* & Bryan, J.* (2015).  Utilizing mutual aid in reducing adolescent alcohol use and developing group engagement. Research on Social Work Practice, 25(1), 129-138.

Toi, H.*, & Mogro-Wilson, C.  (2015).  Examining predictors of discharge planning for offenders with co-occurring disorders.  Paper in press at Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 1-18.

Medina, C., Pellegrini, L.  & Mogro-Wilson, C.  (2014).  Political power and health inequalities in Vieques Puerto Rico.  Social Work in Public Health, 29, 401-416.

Mogro-Wilson, C.  Davidson, K. & Bruder, M.B.  (2014). An empowerment approach in teaching a class about Autism for social work students.  Social Work Education, 33, 61-76.

Mogro-Wilson, C.  (2013). Parenting in Puerto Rican Families.  Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services, 94(4), 235-241.

Mogro-Wilson, C.  (2013). Parental factors associated with Mexican American adolescent alcohol use.  Journal of Addiction, 2013, 1-9.

Mogro-Wilson, C., Negroni, L.K., & Hesselbrock, M.N. (2013).  Puerto Rican parenting and acculturation in families experiencing substance use and intimate partner violence.  Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions, 13, 50-69.

Bruder, M.B.,  Dunst, C., Mogro-Wilson, C., & Stayton, V.D. (2013).  Predictors of confidence and competence in early childhood interventionists. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 34, 249-267.