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Sarah Chavez
Doctoral Student
SDSU-UC San Diego Joint Doctoral Program
Interdisciplinary Research on Substance Abuse


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Sarah Chavez

Miguel Cruz-Feliciano, M.S.


About Me:

Sarah Chavez earned a B.A. in Psychology from University of Redlands and a M.A. in Clinical Psychology from California State University, Northridge. 

As a masters student, she was part of the P.U.E.N.T.E. Research Lab in which her lab aimed to examine racial/ethnic disparities in Hispanic child mental health service receipt. Furthermore, Sarah and her lab team explored the multiple sociocultural factors that helped create the racial/ethnic disparities in Hispanic child mental healthcare. During her M.A., Sarah independently researched substance use and conducted multiple statistical analyses specifically in the realms of adolescent and/or incarcerated youth substance use, environmental risk and protective factors, and multi-ethnic comparisons specific to substance use and risk. 

Currently, Sarah Chavez is a Joint Doctoral student in the Interdisciplinary Research on Substance Use program between SDSU-UC San Diego. Sarah is part of two research projects that are building her knowledge in multi-level risk factors, young adult alcohol consumption decision making,  cannabis and its effects on driving reaction time. Both research projects are strengthening her overall research interests which lies in underrepresented adolescent poly-substance use and multi-level risk and/or protective factors. Sarah’s long-term goal is to create a youth intervention program that may one day benefit Hispanic youths and their families. 


Research Statement:

Sarah Chavez is interested in: Hispanic substance use and mental health disorders, access to care, underrepresented youth risk and protective factors for engaging in early substance use, multi-ethnic comparisons with regards to substance use and risks, evaluating prevention, interventions and treatment options for youth and Hispanic populations.