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Assistant Professor
The University of Texas at Austin
School of Social Work, Health Behavior Research and Training Institute
1717 West 6th Street, Suite 295
Austin, TX 78703
United States of America

Office 512-232-0778
Fax 512-232-0638

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Research Scientists

Currently co-Chair of ECLC

Member Since: 2009


Yessenia Castro, Ph.D.

Yessenia Castro, Ph.D.


Ph.D., The Florida State University
M.S., The Florida State University
B.A., University of Southern California

Research Statement

Dr. Castro is a clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research is focused on disparities-related research among minority and underserved populations, with an emphasis on smoking cessation among Latinos. More specifically, her research focuses on understanding how cultural variables, including acculturation, gender, and minority status stressors, combine with known key determinants of smoking to affect determinants of smoking and smoking relapse. She also collaborates on research examining the influences of a variety of social and intrapersonal factors on smoking behavior in racially/ethnically diverse populations of low socioeconomic status and other special populations of smokers.

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Castro Y, *Cano MA, Businelle MS, Correa-Fernández V, Heppner WL, Mazas CA, & Wetter DW (2014). A cross-lagged path analysis of five intrapersonal determinants of smoking cessation. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 137, 98-105. doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2014.01.013

*Cano MA, Castillo LG, Castro Y, de Dios MA, & Roncancio AM  (2014). Acculturative stress and depressive symptomatology among Mexican and Mexican American students in the U.S.: Examining associations with cultural incongruity and intragroup marginalization. International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling, 36(2), 136-149. doi: 10.1007/s10447-013-9196-6

Castro Y, Correa-Fernández V, *Cano MA, Mazas CA, *Gonzalez K, Vidrine DJ, Vidrine JI, & Wetter DW. (2014). Failure to replicate the structure of a Spanish-language Brief Wisconsin Inventory of Smoking Dependence Motives across three samples of Latino smokers. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 16(9), 1277-1281.doi: 10.1093/ntr/ntu092.

Castro Y, Fernández ME, Strong LL, Stewart D, *Hernandez Robles E., Krasny S, Heredia N, Adams CE, Correa-Fernández V, Eakin EG, Resnicow K, Basen-Engquist KB, & Wetter DW. (accepted for publication). Adaptation of a Counseling Intervention to Address Multiple Cancer Risk Factors among Overweight/Obese Latino Smokers. Health Education & Behavior