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Journal of Latina/o Psychology,


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  • Prevention
  • Adolescence
  • Community Psychology
  • Applied Youth Development
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Ignacio Acevedo-Polakovich, Ph.D.

Miguel Cruz-Feliciano, M.S.


Ph.D., University of Kentucky
M.S., University of Kentucky
B.S., Aquinas College

About Me

My research focuses on establishing state of the science preventive interventions for children and families within historically underserved communities. I look to accomplish this both through the dissemination of Evidence Based Practices and through the development of Practice Based Evidence. A large proportion of my work is framed by Community-Based Participatory Research principles.

Research Interests

My students and I develop, adapt and disseminate services for historically underserved children, youth, and families. As such, we work extensively with ethnic and cultural minorities, often with Spanish-speaking groups. My goal when working with students is to provide experiences that allow them to successfully develop a career of their choosing involving diverse children, youth, and families.

Because we work in partnership with community organizations, our work addresses a wide variety of issues affecting children, youth, and families. Ongoing projects focus on:

1. Improving access to services for poor ethnic minority families with young children by developing novel parent training approaches.

2. Improving existing services for conduct disordered Latina/o youth by increasing the coordination among them.

3. Improving HIV and STD prevention for Latina/o youth by teaching parents how to speak with their children about sex and cultural values.

4. Improving a community-based anti-bias program for teens.

5. Increasing the cultural competence of organizations that work with historically underserved children, youth, and families.

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