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Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
Institute for Ethnic Studies
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

317 Burnett Hall
Lincoln, NE, 68588-0308

Phone: 402 472 7008

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Research Scientist

Member Since: 2014


Arthur "Trey" Andrews, III, Ph.D.



Ph.D., University of Arkansas
M.A., University of Arkansas
B.A., Oklahoma State University

About Me

My journey to researching Latina mental health disparities comes from a strong belief in the importance of making a positive impact on your community. I chose psychology as my route for doing that and I dedicated roughly a decade of education to learning Spanish to ensure that I could deliver bilingual services. Along the way, I discovered a passion for research and developing new treatments that improve equity. I now focus on understanding why mental health disparities occur and address these disparities with new mental health treatment strategies.

Current Research

I focus on finding better ways to understand mental health disparities for Latinas and evaluating strategies that reduce them.  Much of the work on understanding disparities focuses on service utilization disparities or disparities due to stressors, such as traumatic events or discrimination. Because of my focus on service utilization, I also extend the reach of services through things like mobile applications and working alongside other health providers.   More than anything, I seek to have a positive impact on the community through my research.


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