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Sandra P. Arévalo-García, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
College of Health Sciences
Department of Clinical Laboratory
and Nutritional Sciences

University of Massachusetts Lowell
3 Solomont Way, Suite 4
Lowell, MA 01854

Office (978) 9346457

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Membership Category:
Early Career

Member Since: 2003


Sandra P. Arévalo - Garcia, Ph.D.

Sandra P. Arévalo - Garcia, M.A.


Ph.D. Northeastern University
M.A. Northeastern University
B.A. University of Massachusetts


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Recent Publications

1. Amaro H, Arévalo S., Gonzalez G, Iguchi MY, Szapocznik J. Needs and Scientific Opportunities for Research on Substance Abuse Treatment among Hispanic Adults. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 84S:S64-S75 (2006).
2. Amaro, H., Chernoff, M., Brown, V., Arévalo, S., Gatz, M. Does Integrated Trauma-Informed Substance Abuse Treatment Increase Treatment Retention? Journal of Community Psychology. 35(7):845-962 (2007).
3. Amaro H., Dai J., Arévalo S., Acevedo A., Matsumoto A., Nieves R., Prado, G. Effects of Integrated Trauma treatment on outcomes in a Racially/Ethnically Diverse Sample of Women in Urban Community-based Substance Abuse Treatment. Journal on Urban Health. 84(4): 508-22 (2007).
4. Arévalo, S., Prado, G., & Amaro, H. Spirituality, Sense of Coherence and Coping Responses in Women Receiving Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Addiction. Evaluation and Program Planning. 31; 113–123 (2008).
5. Amaro, H., Magno-Gatmaytan, M.C., Meléndez, M., Cortés, D.E., Arévalo, S., Margolin, A. Addiction Treatment Intervention: An Uncontrolled Prospective Pilot Study of Spiritual Self-Schema Therapy with Latina Women. Substance Abuse, 31: 2, 117-125 (2010).
6. Todorova, I., Tucker, K.L., Pescador-Jimenez, M., Lincoln, A.K., Arévalo, S. Falcon, L.M. Determinants of self-rated health and the role of acculturation: implications for health inequalities. Ethnicity & Health, 17:6 (2013).
7. Arévalo, S., Falcon, L. Tucker, K. Life Events Trajectories, Allostatic Load, and the Moderating Role of Age at Arrival from Puerto Rico to the U.S. Mainland. Social Science & Medicine, 120: 301-310 (2014).