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Associate Professor
The University of Mississippi
Department of Social Work
208 Longsstreet Hall

Office (662) 915-7336

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Research Scientist

Member Since: 2011


Javier Francisco Boyas, Ph.D.



Ph.D. Boston College



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Moon, S.S., Blakey, J.M., Boyas, J.F., Horton, K., & *Kim, Y.J. (In-press). The influence of parental, peer, and school factors on marijuana use among Native American adolescents. Journal of Social Service Research.

Negi, N., *Michalopoulos, L., Boyas, J.F., & *Overdorff, A. (2013). Social networks that promote well-being among Latino migrant day laborers. Advances in Social Work, 14(1), 247-259. (Special Issue: The Impact of Socio-Economic, Cultural, Political, and International Factors on Latinos/Latinas in United States)

Boyas, J.F., Wind, L.H., & *Ruiz, E. (2013). Organizational tenure among child welfare workers, burnout, stress, and intent to leave: Does employment-based social capital make a difference? Children and Youth Services Review, 35(10), 1657-1669.

Schoeck, R.J., Boyas, J.F, Black, B.M., & *Elias-Lambert, N. (2013). Gamification for behavior change: Lessons from developing a social, multiuser, web-tablet based prevention game for youths. Journal of Technology in Human Services, 31(3), 197-217.

Boyas, J.F. (2013). Correlates of health literacy among Latinos in Arkansas. Social Work in Public Health, 28(1), 32-43.

Boyas, J., Stauss, K., & Murphy-Erby, Y. (2012). Predictors of frequency of sexual health communication: Perceptions from early adolescent youth in rural Arkansas. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, 29(4), 267-284.