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Assistant Professor
Social Work
University of Houston
Graduate College of Social Work
110HA Social Work Building
Houston, TX  77204-4013
Phone: 713-743-8075

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Research Scientists

Member Since: 2013


Jodi Berger Cardoso, Ph.D.



Ph.D., The University of Texas-Austin
M.S.S.W.,  Columbia University
B.S., Portland State University


Research Statement

Dr. Jodi Berger Cardoso is an assistant professor in the Graduate College of Social Work. Her long-term career goal is to develop evidence-based interventions that target high risk behaviors through the reduction of cultural stressors in Latino immigrants and their children. Currently, her research focuses on how cultural stressors, such as those associated with acculturation and minority status, contribute to a constellation of health disparities, including alcohol and drug use, risky sexual behaviors and mental health problems, in the Latino community. Dr. Cardoso has also applied a model of cultural stress to understand obesity and obesity related heath behaviors in Hispanic adults.


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