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Assistant Professor
Psy.D. 2002
Carlos Albizu University
Center for Addiction Studies

Universidad Central del Caribe
P.O. Box 60327
Bayamón, PR 00960-6032 
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Ibis Carrión, Ph.D.

Richard De La Garza, II, PhD.


Psy.D. Universidad Central Del Caribe

About Me

My research and trainer experience is focused on the drug abuse field. My first experience in the research field was as a Research Coordinator for the study Brief and Strategic Family Therapy with Adolescents Active in Drug Use. The goal of this research was to compare effectiveness of this Family Therapy Model vs. Treatment as Usual in Hispanic adolescent with drug use problems. Later, I’m participated in the Brief Strategic Family Therapy versus treatment as Usual: Extended Follow-up for Drug Using Adolescents Study as a research responsible for regulatory activities such as communications and submissions with the Universidad Central del Caribe Internal Review Board, and provided supervision and oversight to the Research Associate (RA) duties. At present time I am part of the Puerto Rico Drug Abuse and Research Development Program II, as a Principal Investigator in the supplement Understanding the Adverse Consequences to Traumatic Events and the Manner that Hispanic Drug Using Women Cope with those Events. This research is related to identify the association between experienced traumatic events and present HIV risk behaviors, and detect association between these events and mental health symptoms, such as anxiety, depression and suicide attempts. Also, I’m Clinical Director of the University’s Mental Health and Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment Clinic and maintain a private clinical practice, which included adolescent population. I have a vast experience conducting trainings that address evidence-based models to treat people with diagnostic of drugs use. Dr. Carrión have developed an impressive network of collaborating alliances and relations with relevant organizations nationwide that will serve to strengthen the CER. Dr. Carrión previous experience in the coordination of services with community partners is essential for oversee this unit. She will work directly with the community research coordinator to form, operate, and maintain the Community Engagement Advisory Board (CEAB). She will work directly with academic researchers and community partners to ensure that the proposed research agenda is implemented.