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Assistant Professor
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
School of Health Disparities Research
1400 Pressler St., FCT 9.5010
Houston, TX 77030-3721

Office (713) 745-0296

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Marcel A de Dios, Ph.D.



Ph.D. University of Miami
M.A.   Pace University
B. A.   Montclair State University

About Me

Dr. Marcel de Dios is an assistant professor in the Department of Health Disparities. My programmatic line of research focuses on developing and testing smoking cessation treatment interventions for ethnically diverse and vulnerable subpopulations, particularly Latinos. I completed my T32 post-doctoral fellowship in Behavioral Medicine at Brown Medical School. During my fellowship, I worked on an NCI funding clinical trial that aimed to develop and test a smoking cessation intervention for HIV+ Latinos (Project AURORA, PI Niaura). Upon completing my fellowship at Brown, I was promoted to the faculty at Brown and obtained funding from the NCI to conduct a supplemental study focusing on examining the unique social support and social network characteristics of methadone maintenance patients enrolled in a smoking cessation trial (Project QUIT, PI Stein). Through both of these projects I became keenly aware of the challenges of treatment adherence to smoking cessation treatment among diverse and vulnerable subpopulations. I also recognized the need for integrating mixed methodologies when pursuing such research particularly qualitative methodologies. Subsequently, I submitted and was awarded an NCI K01 proposal that aims to develop and test an intervention that enhances adherence to smoking cessation treatments among Latinos and also provides advanced training in higher level qualitative methods as well as the use of technology in health care delivery. In October of 2012, I transitioned my program of research to the Department of Health Disparities Research at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center which continues to offer an ideal research context for studying Latino smoking cessation and pursuing my program of research.

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Cano MA, Vaughan EL, de Dios MA, Castro Y, Roncancio AM & Ojeda. Alcohol use severity among Hispanic emerging adults in higher education: Understanding the effect of cultural congruity. Substance Use and Misuse. In Press.

de Dios MA, Anderson BJ, Caviness CM, Stein MD. Early quit days among methadone-maintained smokers in a smoking cessation trial. Nicotine Tob Res 16(11):1463-9, 11/2014. e-Pub 6/20/2014. PMID: 24951495.

Cano MA, Castillo LG, Castro Y, de Dios MA, Roncancio AM. Acculturative stress and depressive symptomatology among Mexican and Mexican American students in the U.S. Examining associations with cultural incongruity and intragroup marginalization. Int J Adv Couns 36(2):136-149, 6/1/2014. e-Pub 9/2013. PMCID: PMC4002056.

Vaughan EL, Chang TK, Escobar OS, de Dios MA. Enrollment in Hispanic serving institutions as a moderator of the relationship between drinking norms and quantity of alcohol use among Hispanic college students. Subst Abus. e-Pub 6/24/2014. PMID: 24960534.

Bock BC, Papandonatos GD, de Dios MA, Abrams DB, Azam MM, Fagan M, Sweeney PJ, Stein MD, Niaura R. Tobacco Cessation Among Low-Income Smokers: Motivational Enhancement and Nicotine Patch Treatment. Nicotine Tob Res 16(4):413-22, 4/2014. e-Pub 10/30/2013. PMCID: PMC3954421.

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Caviness CM, Hagerty CE, Anderson BJ, de Dios MA, Hayaki J, Herman D, Stein MD. Self-efficacy and motivation to quit marijuana use among young women. Am J Addict 22(4):373-80, Jul-Aug, 7/2013. PMID: 23795877.