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Associate Professor
New Mexico State University
Department of Social Work
College of Health and Social Services
PO Box 30001
Las Cruces, NM 88003
Office 575-646-6319

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Research Scientists

Member Since: 2007


Maria Gurrola, PhD, MSW, MA


Ph.D., Arizona State University
M.S.W., Arizona State University
M.A., Oklahoma University
B.A., Arizona State University


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Gurrola, M., Moya-Salas, L., & Ayon, C. (2013). Mexican adolescents’ education and hopes in an anti-immigrant environment: The perspectives of first and second generation youth and parents. Journal of Family Issues, 1(26), 1-26.

Moya-Salas, L., Ayon C., & Gurrola, M. (2013). Estamos traumados: The effect of antiimmigrant sentiment and policies on the mental health of Mexican immigrant families. Journal of Community Psychology, 41(8), 1005-1020.

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Androff, D., Ayón, C., Becerra, D., Gurrola, M., Salas, L., Krysik, J., Gerdes, K., & Segal, E. (2011). US immigration policy and immigrant children's well-being: The impact of policy shifts. Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare, 38, 77-98.

Becerra, D., Gurrola, M., Ayon, C., Androff, D., Krysik, J., Gerdes, K., Moya-Salas,L., & Segal, E. (2010). Poverty and other factors affecting migration intentions among adolescents in México. Journal of Poverty, 14, 1-16.

Marsiglia, F. F., Nieri, T., Valdez, E., Gurrola, M., Marrs, C. (2009). History of violence as a predictor of HIV risk among multi-ethnic, urban youth in the Southwest. Journal of HIV/AIDS and Social Services, 9 (2), 144-165.