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Fellow, Developmental Psychobiology Research Group
University of Colorado Denver
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Ana Hoffenberg, MD, MSPH

Ana Hoffenberg, MD, MSPH


M.S.P.H., University of Colorado, Denver, CO
M.D., Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro

Research Statement

I have clinical training in Pediatrics, General Clinical Preventive Medicine and Addiction Medicine, and completed a Master in Science of Public Health. Drawing from these experiences, my research interests have focused on the clinical and epidemiological outcomes of adolescents with serious substance use disorders (SUD) with a particular focus on incarceration and premature death. I intend to further this line of research by examining the adolescent predictors of future, young adult HIV/AIDS risk behaviors, as well as temporal relationships between substance use and HIV/AIDS risk behaviors. These are areas of research where health disparities are commonly seen. For instance, being Latino was associated with premature death in my study about adolescents with severe antisocial drug dependence. However, epidemiological studies, I recognize, are just a start. They are needed to measure the magnitude of the problem, and to point to prevention. Culturally appropriate measures then become possible, through networking with other researchers dedicated to community participatory research.

About Me

I am currently Instructor Fellow at the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where I conduct epidemiological research on adolescent substance use. In addition, I also work as Staff Physician at the Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Clinic at the Denver Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center, where I treat our veterans for opiate dependence.


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