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Associate Professor
Department of Health Outcomes &
Policy Institute for Child Health Policy
University of Florida
PO Box 100177
2004 Mowry Road, Suite 2250
Gainesville, FL 32610-0177

Telephone: (352) 294-5797
Fax: (352) 294-5994

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Research Scientists

Member Since: 2002


Mildred Maldonado-Molina Ph.D.



Ph.D.   The Pennsylvania State University
M.S.    The Pennsylvania State University
B.A.     University of Puerto Rico

Research Interests

My research program focuses on understanding the effect of contextual factors on alcohol use and associated behaviors among children and adolescents, and evaluating the effects of public policies in reducing alcohol-related mortality.

One area of interest is investigating culturally-related processes associated with alcohol, drug use, and delinquency behaviors among minority adolescents. I am particularly interested in examining rates of alcohol and drug use, and delinquency among US-born and foreign-born Hispanics adolescents. I also examined the relation between alcohol use and patterns of physical aggression among youth.

Another part of my research focuses on the application of innovative statistical techniques to the study of the effects of context and environment (e.g. availability of alcohol, alcohol policies) on behavioral and mortality outcomes. I identify effective means to prevent alcohol-related morbidity and mortality using state-of-the art design and statistical methods. I focus on the application of statistical methods across nationally-representative data that is hierarchical and longitudinally intensive.


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