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Associate Professor, Deputy Director, Hispanic Services
Yale University School of Medicine
The Hispanic Clinic, 34 Park Street
New Haven, CT 06519
United States of America

Office (203) 974-5819
Fax (203) 974-5850

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Membership Category:
Research Scientists

Member Since: 2009


Manuel Paris, PsyD

Hilda Pantín, Ph.D.


Psy.D. Nova Southeastern University
M.S. Nova Southeastern University
B.S. Florida International University


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Recent Publications

Bamatter, W., Carroll, K. M., Añez, L. M., Paris, M., Ball, S. A., Nich, C., Frankforter, T. L., Suarez-Morales, L., Szapocznik, J., & Martino, S. Informal discussions in substance abuse treatment sessions with Spanish-speaking clients. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. 2010, 39(4):353-63.

Caplan, S., Paris, M., Whittemore, R., Desai, M., Dixon, J., Alvidrez, J., Escobar, J., & Scahill, L. Correlates of religious, supernatural, and psychosocial causal beliefs about depression among Latino immigrants in primary care. Mental Health, Religion, and Culture. 2011, 14(6):589-611.

Puhl, R. M., White, M. A., Paris, M., Añez, L, Silva, M., & Grilo, C. M. Negative weight based attitudes in obese monolingual Hispanic patients with and without binge eating disorder. Comprehensive Psychiatry. 2011, 52:737-743.

Roberts, L., Smith, J., McFaul, M., Paris, M., Speer, N., Boeckmann, M., & Hoge, M. A. Behavioral health workforce development in rural and frontier Alaska. Journal of Rural Mental Health. 2011, 35(1):10-16.

Caplan, S., Escobar, J., Paris, M., Alvidrez, J., Dixon, J. K., Mayur, M. M., Scahill, L. D., & Whittemore, R. Cultural influences upon causal beliefs about depression among Latino immigrants. Journal of Transcultural Nursing. 2013, 24(1):68-77.

Samuel, D. B., Añez, L. M., Paris, M., & Grilo, C. G. The convergence of personality disorder diagnoses across different methods among monolingual (Spanish-speaking only) Hispanic patients in substance use treatment. Personality Disorders: Theory
Research and Treatment. Dec 2013 (Epub ahead of print).

Hoge, M. A., Stuart, G. W., Morris, J., Flaherty, M. T., Paris, M., & Goplerud, E. Mental health and addiction workforce development: Federal leadership is needed to address the growing crisis. Health Affairs. 2013, 32(11):2005-12.