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Associate Clinical Professor
Department of Toxicology
School of Medicine
University of the Republic
Montevideo, Uruguay

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Research Scientists

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Antonio Pascale-Prieto, M.D.

Antonio Pascale


M.D. University of the Republic. Montevideo

About Me

As a physician I primarily treat drug overdose and chronic complications related to drug abuse, and because of my experiences at the Montevideo Poison Control Center, I was asked to participate in research projects that have examined clinical features in overdose and withdrawal syndrome, and complications related to cocaine and other stimulants, particularly in Hispanic cocaine base paste (CBP) users. In November 2011, as a REDLA member (Latin American Network of Drug Research) of the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD, OAS, United States), I presented a paper on the toxicological aspects of CBP that outlined toxicological aspects, composition, toxicity, addictive potential, clinical signs, and chronic complications of CBP use. As a result of that paper, I was invited to give a lecture at the 51st Regular Session of the CICAD in May 2012.  In 2014 we published a review related to CBP epidemiological and toxicological aspects with other REDLA members. In addition, I serve as ad-hoc reviewer for several national and international journals and served as consultant on prevention programs for youth.

Research Statement

My current research interests focus on the following aspects of drug use: emergency toxicology with an emphasis on clinical presentations of overdose and withdrawal syndromes. In addition, my work also focuses on the toxic effects of drug consumption, with a special interest on adulterants, alcohol-drugs interactions, treatment for drug dependence, particularly during pregnancy. Further, my work has specialized on cocaine base paste which in the past decade becomes a public health concern in South Cone American countries (Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil).

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