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Doctoral Student
University of Arkansas
Department of Psychological Science
216 Memorial Hall
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone: (475) 575-5811

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Graduate Students

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Sasha Rojas



B.A. University of Arkansas

Research Statement

My research interests focus on understanding factors associated with suicidal behaviors among Hispanic adolescents, with the aim of understanding methods to improve emotion regulation among this population in order to reduce risk for suicidal behavior. I intend to integrate a culturally informed perspective into my research program to most effectively study and understand suicidal behavior and related problems in the context of Hispanic adolescents’ emotional functioning.

About Me

To date, I have gained different clinical and research experiences working with individuals of various ages and from different backgrounds. The diverse clinical settings I encountered in the United States and in Argentina have repeatedly exposed me to the serious problem of suicidal behavior and a wide range of associated problems (e.g. alcohol dependence, illicit drug use). As a Hispanic American, I aim to remain actively involved with the Hispanic community throughout the course of my academic trajectory and clinical research to better understand and help alleviate these problems.

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