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Jose Rubio-Lorente, M.D.

Jose Rubio-Lorente, M.D.


M.D., Universitat de Valencia School of Medicine, Spain

Research Statement

I consider that developing research on the field of mental health of the Hispanic community is crucial for several reasons. In first place, because given the demographic growth of this group, they are going to contribute significantly to the public mental health needs. Furthermore, from the etiological perspective, I am interested in migration as a paradigm of psychosocial stressors for the study of mental disorders. Finally, I am interested in research on psychiatric interventions that pay attention to cultural differences as an evidence based biopsychosocial approach.

About Me

After graduating from medical school in Spain, I decided to come to the United States pursuing postgraduate medical education in psychiatry. Before applying for the residency in psychiatry I have had the opportunity to work in psychiatric epidemiology at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, where I have also participated in the implementation of several research studies. This has meant an exceptional academic, professional and personal enrichment that I would like to continue in the coming years. My goal is to continue my career in psychiatry by developing a well grounded evidence-based knowledge for patient care that also allows me to make contributions to the field.

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