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Samuel Ricardo Saenz



B.A.   Stanford University

About Me

As a Latino growing up in California, I learned quickly of the health disparities affecting Latinos and other underserved populations. As a clinician-in-training, I am committed to continuing my academic endeavors in reducing health inequities affecting the Latino population, particularly alcohol use problems and mental health disorders. I want to collaborate with colleagues from diverse professional backgrounds to develop interdisciplinary public health interventions to address the complex health challenges that our patients face. I also hope to work with resident-physicians and medical students to teach and mentor the next generation of physician-leaders who will continue this important work. 

Research Interests

I am passionate about addressing social determinants of behavioral health, particularly among the underserved Latino community, through my present and future research projects. My latest research projects reflect my efforts to make a difference in the healthcare system for Latinos during my early training. My earliest project in this area is a study of the effectiveness of a Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment program at a federally qualified health center in Santa Ana, CA. I hope to make this interdisciplinary effort of incorporating behavioral health clinicians into primary care a model for primary care centers working with low-income Hispanic populations. I have also begun to explore how alcohol and other drug use may moderate the effect of acculturation on mental health in Latinos living along the U.S.-Mexican border. I hope to continue exploring these research areas and future interventions to improve health outcomes of the Latino population.