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Bill Sanders, Ph.D.

Bill Sanders, Ph.D.


Ph.D. in Sociology, University of London
M.Phil. in Criminology, University of Cambridge
B.A. Sociology/Law and Society, University of California at Riverside

About Me

I am currently interested in how grass roots, community based organizations in minority communities provide intervention services for hardcore offenders on limited budgets. I am looking at how they respond to three simple interrelated questions: What are you doing? Why are you doing that? How do you know it is working? At present, most can answer the first question, few respond properly to the second, and none can provide any evidence of the third.

Research Statement

Bill Sanders is a sociologist who was born and raised in Southern California. He is a professor of criminal justice at California State University, Los Angeles. Dr. Sanders has conducted ethnographic investigations on young people and crime in Los Angeles, New York and London. He has published on a range of topics related to gangs, drugs, and public health aspects about criminal justice topics. Dr. Sanders is currently working with an intervention agency to help measure their program and capture the processes of desistance among serious juvenile and adult offenders. He is also interested in resiliency, specifically how youth from high-risk neighborhoods avoid gangs and drugs. 

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Recent Publications

Sanders, B. (forthcoming). Gangs: An Introduction. Oxford University Press.

Hoffman, B., Waters, N. & Sanders, B. (2014). Gang youth, peer social networks and cigarette, alcohol and marijuana use patterns. Journal of Clinical and Psychiatric Nursing, 27, 35-42.

Sanders, B., Valdez, A., Hunt, G., Joe Laidler, K., Moloney, M., & Cepeda, A. (2013). Gang Youth, Risk Behaviors and Negative Health Outcomes. In Sanders, B, Thomas, Y, & Griffin-Deeds, B (eds.) Crime, HIV & Health: Intersections of Criminal Justice and Public Health Concerns. Springer Press.

Sanders, B. (2013). An overview of a gang diversion collaboration operated by the Carson Sheriff’s Station in Los Angeles. The Journal of Gang Research, 21 (1), 43-52.

Sanders, B. (2012). Gang youth, substance use, and drug normalization. Journal of Youth Studies. 15 (8), 978-994.