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Associate Professor
Department of Epidemiology and Public Health
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Center for Family Studies Building, Room 219
1120 NW 14th St
Miami, FL 33136

Office (305) 243-8791

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Research Scientists

Member Since: 2012


Seth Schwartz, Ph.D.



Ph.D., Florida International University
M.S., Florida State University
B.S., Florida State University

Research Statement

Self/identity development, parenting, family functioning, substance abuse and HIV prevention, positive youth development, culture, ethnicity.


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Schwartz, Seth J.; Weisskirch, Robert S.; Zamboanga, Byron L.; Castillo, Linda G.; Ham, Lindsay S.; Huynh, Que-Lam; Park, Irene J. K.; Donovan, Roxanne; Kim, Su Yeong; Vernon, Michael; Davis, Matthew J.; Cano, Miguel A. Dimensions of Acculturation: Associations With Health Risk Behaviors Among College Students From Immigrant Families, Journal of Counseling Psychology, Vol 58(1), Jan 2011, 27-41.

Schwartz, Seth J. Zamboanga, Byron L. Testing Berry's Model of Acculturation: A Confirmatory Latent Class Approach. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 2008;14(4):275-85.

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Schwartz, Seth J., Unger, Jennifer B., Zamboanga, Byron L., Szapocznik, Jose. Rethinking the Concept of Acculturation: Implications for Theory and Research. American Psychologist, v65 n4 p237-251 May-Jun 2010.

Schwartz, S. J., Klimstra, T. A., Luyckx, K., Hale, W. W., Frijns, T., Oosterwegel, A., van Lier, P. A. C., Koot, H. M. and Meeus, W. H. J. (2011), Daily dynamics of personal identity and self-concept clarity. European Journal of Personality 25: 373–385 (2011).