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Doctoral Student
University of Texas at El Paso
College of Nursing
4801 Alberta Ave., Room 3221
El Paso, TX 79905

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Research Keywords
  • U.S. - Mexico Border
  • Motivational Inverventions
  • HIV
  • Alcohol use
  • Hispanics
  • Latinos
  • Alcohol Interventions
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Susie Villalobos, M.Ed.

Susie Villalobos, M.Ed.


The essence of global health equity is the idea that something so precious as health might be viewed as a right. -Paul Farmer



M.Ed., University of Texas at El Paso
B.A. in Psychology, University of Texas at El Paso


Research Statement

I am currently a 3rd year doctoral student at the University of Texas at El Paso in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences through the College of Nursing. My research interests lie in the social and behavioral differences of substance abuse among Hispanics living along the U.S. - Mexico Border, specifically looking at patterns and social contexts in vulnerable populations, with initiation of alcohol use and HIV sexual risk factors. I work with leaders in the field of motivational interventions at UTEP and at Texas Tech currently focus on developing culturally adapted interventions.

About Me

I have a vision of bridging primary care and public health issues due to the connectedness of the social context affecting the well being of an individual. I have worked with non-profit agencies, the military and marginalized populations tackling issues of infectious disease, mental illness and human rights issues, and I am deeply committed to the values of high impact humanitarian work in low resource settings especially along the U.S. - Mexico Border.

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Recent Publications

Merriman, G., Alba, I., Parsa, M. Liu, K., Tarwater, P., Ramos, R., Villalobos, S., Cherpitel C., Bernstein, J., Bernstein, E., Bond, J., Woolard, R. (2014) Smoking Is Associated with Increased Risk of Binge Drinking in a Young Adult Hispanic Population at the US/Mexico Border. Accepted Summer 2014, Journal of Substance Abuse.

Cherpitel, C., Bond, J., Ye, Y., Woolard, R., Bernstein, E., Bernstein, J., Villalobos, S., Ramos, R. (2014) Three-month outcomes in a brief intervention trial among Mexican-origin young adults in the emergency department: the influence of missing data and model choice. Submitted for review, Journal of Addiction.