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Maria Cecilia Zea, Ph.D.



Ph.D.  University of Maryland

Research Interests

My research interests include psychosocial and behavioral factors relevant to HIV/AIDS and sexual risk among Latino men who have sex with men.  I am particularly interested in examining the role of cultural, situational, and structural contexts, as well as the relevant individual characteristics on HIV risk.  I have been the Principal Investigator of an NIMH-funded project on disclosure of HIV status among Latino gay men, and of two NICHD-funded projects. The first one, on contextual factors of sexual risk among Latino men who have sex with men, and the second one on HIV prevalence, sexual risk, and attitudes towards circumcision among Colombian MSM (with Paul Poppen, Carol A. Reisen, and Fernanda Bianchi). I have been a co-investigator in an NICHD-funded project on HIV risk among Latino day laborers: structural, social, and individual factors (F. Bianchi, P.I.) and on a NIDA-funded project to study sexuality, HIV/drug use among Asian gay and bisexual men (F. Wong, PI).  I am also a co-investigator of the District of Columbia Developmental Center for AIDS Research (A. Greenberg, P.I.). 



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*Garcia, L. I., Lechuga, J., & Zea, M. C. (in press). Testing comprehensive models of disclosure of sexual orientation in HIV-positive Latino men who have sex with men. AIDS Care.

Zea, M. C., Reisen, C. A., Bianchi, F. T., & Poppen, P. J.  (2012).  Contextual influences of sexual risk among Latino MSM.  In K. C. Organista (Ed).  HIV Prevention with Latinos: Theory, Research, and Practice. pp.153-168. New York: Oxford University Press.   

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